Saturday, June 25, 2011

Maggie Gallagher’s Delusional Dream of Revenge in New York

In a piece for National Review entitled The GOP Will Pay a Grave Price, NOM’s Maggie Gallagher rattles her sword at New York’s Republican senators for daring to allow the recently-enacted marriage equality law to be brought to a floor vote.

Gallagher is well known for not having a really good grasp on the facts, but she tells the truth when she writes, concluding with a question:

“N.Y, Republicans did not have to bring gay marriage up for a vote: What does it mean that they passed gay marriage in N.Y.?”

The question from her perspective appears to be a rhetorical one, since she continues with a commitment of $2 million to “persuade” Republicans, stating “Voting for gay marriage has consequences.”

But let’s answer the question for her:

Maggie Gallagher does not understand what the New York GOP senators do - that the redistricting that will be coming prior to the 2012 elections will likely result in a possibly permanent loss of majority status, as the population of New York concentrates more in New York City. The Republicans in the Senate knew that this year was their best and possibly last chance for many years to make a deal to provide "religious protection" in a marriage bill, and that had they not made a deal now, marriage would have come to New York in January 2013, and without the express statutory "protections."

It was not just the three Republicans who voted “aye” to bring the bill one vote more than the minimum 32 required for passage.  It took at least 17 of the Republicans in the32 member  majority conference ( including many who did not actually vote for the bill) to tell the majority leader to let the bill go for a vote.

NOM previously promised $1million for each Republican who voted for the bill.  It seems that they can’t count up to $4 million necessary to make good that original threat

Maggie and her friend Archbishop Dolan seem to ignore the “religious protections” provisions that the Republicans worked very hard to make sure were added to the bill before they were willing to let ot go to a vote.  Perhaps the fear is that the compromise worked out in New York will snowball across the nation – since getting the marriage equality bill through was a more bipartisan effort than the final vote count reveals.

Remember, Maggie, it was not just the four who actually voted for the bill to bring it over the top. There are at least 13 more who had to be willing to allow it to go to a vote – and it is not going to be easy for you to figure out exactly who they are.

What exactly is the plan, though, Maggie?  Is it that you really want to encourage the election of  more Democrats to the State Senate in 2012? That will happen without your money, because of redistricting.  If you think it will mean that you will be working with Mike Long to elect Conservative Party candidates in three-way elections, you are much more likely to get even more Democrats elected.

That will make it easier for us to get GENDA passed in 2013.

So, Maggie, please do your worst!  But the arc of history bends toward justice, and you are on the losing side of history.

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