Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Audio file of WCBS 880's Peter Haskell reporting "vast majority" in Senator Lanza's district supports marriage equality

WCBS 880′s Peter Haskell In St. Sen. Andrew Lanza’s District In Castleton Corners, Staten Island

If the button does not work, you can find the link here, part way down the page:

While Senator Lanza is best known for changing his vote (because he was threatened, or rather, strongly urged by Senator Ruben Diaz to change his vote) at the Judiciary committee meeting last year that killed GENDA for the last session, it is possible that he might vote for marriage if he hears enough from his constituents

Here is his Contact Information:

Albany Office:
State Senator Andrew J. Lanza
188 State Street Room 915
Legislative Office Building
Albany, NY 12247

Phone: (518) 455-3215
Fax: (518) 426-6852

District Office:

State Senator Andrew J. Lanza
3845 Richmond Ave. Suite 2A
Staten Island, NY 10312

Phone: (718) 984-4073
Fax: (718) 984-4455


Here is what I tried to fax and ended up e-mailing:

June 22, 2011

By FAX to 518-426-6852

Hon. State Senator Anthony J. Lanza
188 State Street - Room 915
Legislative Office Building
Albany, NY 12247

Re: WCBS Newsradio 880 reports “Vast Majority” of Staten Islanders support Marriage Equality

Dear Senator Lanza:

A broadcast yesterday from Castleton Corners by Newsradio 880 reporter Peter Haskell indicated that the vast majority of your constituents support extending the right to marry on a gender neutral basis.

Your YES vote on this bill will be critical.

Please vote YES for marriage Equality, and NO to any poison pill. Religious institutions already can choose whose marriages they will bless, and that right will not change by extending the connubium of marriage on a gender neutral basis.

This is the last part of the Domestic Relations Law that has not been already made gender neutral.

Please vote YES on the Marriage bill, and tell Majority Leader Skelos that you don’t want to add a poison pill to the bill

Do the right thing!


Joann Prinzivalli

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