Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Republican ENDA liar caught in affair with staffer and resigns

Seven Deadly Sins: Republican Deceit on the ENDA Debate in the House

One of the most vocal of the opponents of ENDA on the house floor in 2007, and a vocal supporter of a misogynist and patriarchal interpretation of "family values," Representative Mark Souder, a Republican representative from Indiana's 3rd District, just resigned in disgrace - for having an affair with a staffer - the same staffer he televised a mock interview with over the issue of sexual abstinence education.

Apparently Representative Souder, like many patriarchal inhospitable *real* "Sodomites" that inhabit the Christianist Republican Right Wing in Congress (and elsewhere), believed that in his personal life he could be above the "morality" he proclaims for others - after all, isn't the purpose of "family values" to make the *wives* of patriarchs remain faithful to their husbands? If the husbands philander around, to their point of view, it doesn't really matter, because they are insecure about who the father of their children really is.

Reoresentative Souder proved himself to be a poor example of humanity and the bearer of a perverted moral message on the floor of the House during the ENDA debate.

I urge you to take another look at the material I quoted from the Congressional Record, at that time, particularly Represenattive Souder's comments and my on-the-fly responses to them.

This was a very bad man and a terrible Representative, who in resigning was not even man enough to admit that his mistakes were his own but chose to blame things on a hellish environment in Washington, claiming that he resigned to save his family from having to go through the wringer, but that if he had fought, he would have been exonerated.

Former Representative Souder is yet another example of a priggish male chauvinist political oinker who thinks mostly with his other head, and not the one on his shoulders.

Good riddance to bad rubbish.

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