Saturday, May 22, 2010

A prayer for the souls of congressmembers as well as other legislative officials

The following is a prayer for those "Christian" members of Congress, members of the New York legislature (with special mention being made of the Reverend State Senator Ruben Diaz, Sr. - who has made a habit of being opposed to justice while claiming to be Christian) and the members of other state legislatures, and of local legislative bodies, who claim to be Christian but who oppose legislation that would recognize just, fair, and equal rights for my people while claiming to do their evil because of their claim to be "Christian:"

We pray that God may soften the hearts of those congressmembers, state legislators and lawmaking members of local government organizations, whose hardness of heart and erroneous beliefs cause them to oppose fairness, equality and justice for my diverse people, including the transgender, lesbian, gay and bisexual people among us.

May they, like St. Paul on his way to Damascus, see the light of truth, and recognize the error of their ways.

May they be inspired by the life of Francis Bernadone, and embrace justice for those of us whom they currently fear and loathe.

May they be granted the wisdom and understanding to do the right thing, and enact laws and ordinances that provide fair and equal treatment for all.

May they see their error and repent in time while they are in office and can do good for the community, before they are Judged on the Day of Judgment and found wanting.

May they never find themselves numbered among the goats and condemned to an eternity in unquenchable fire.

For if they do not repent, if they leave my people hungering and thirsting for justice, then if they are Christian and believe the Truth of their sacred scripture, they will surely be numbered among the goats;

And when my suffering people are resting in the bosom of Father Abraham, while they have been condemned and are suffering the thirst and hunger of the eternal and unquenchable fire, that they realize that they are there in that place of suffering for eternity, with an immeasurable gulf between us, such that we will not then be able to save them, who have not taken during their time on earth the steps necessary to save themselves in God's grace.

So say we all. Amen.

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